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About this Website:

Since September of 2011 CCPRS shut down as an active group of paranormal investigators. The founding member Mark Sarro, has decided to turn the site into a place of history about the group's involvement in the Paranormal and to showcase its contributions to the field by means of various publications.

CCPRS exists today as a consulting service run by Mark and his co-author Gerard Medvec (Ghosts of Delaware; Released Sept 2012, UFOs over Pennsylvania: The Alien State; Release date: 2013) They work as researchers for publication, lecturers on various topics and as consultants for other paranormal groups and investigators.

Mark and Gerard are also the founding members of "The UFO Research Society of America"


The Story of CCPRS:

CCPRS was founded by a then husband and wife team (Mark and Katharine Sarro) in the fall of 2004. It was only a few months after they moved into the town of West Chester in Chester County Pennsylvania. They quickly came to realize that house was very haunted. This house was the catalyst that propelled them with moving forward with the formal start of a paranormal based research group.

Both Mark and Katharine throughout their lives have had paranormal experiences. Mark began investigating the paranormal when he was a teenager still in high school.

Throughout the CCPRS history the group has had close to 50 members come through its ranks. Most of which have gone on to form their own groups and continue to investigate the paranormal today.


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